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Tamil Language

Learning Outcomes

In line with MOE Tamil Curriculum, Greendale Tamil department aims to mould our students into confident individuals who are adequately skilled in the 4 language skills that are mainly

  • Listening
  • Speaking/ Spoken Interaction
  • Reading
  • Writing/ Written Interaction 

We also aim to have our students cultivate the love for the Tamil language and culture through our learning journeys, departmental activities and also Mother Tongue Fortnight programmes.

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Pedagogical Approaches

In Greendale, the lower primary pupils are exposed to Multiple Intelligence(MI) strategies when learning letters. For example, students use modelling clay to mould letters, have out-of-classroom experiences to relate to words learnt and are also learn and recall words through gestures and actions. They are also exposed to mind maps to understand the blending of letters. The MI strategies enable pupils to retain and apply Tamil vocabulary better.

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For our middle primary students, Annotation Strategy is used for Comprehension and Cloze passages. We also use the progressive writing package to guide pupils from P3 onwards for a smooth transition into composition writing. All of our students are encouraged to use online portals to reinforce the lessons in taught in school. They are periodically brought to the lab to access the pazhahutamil online portal.

Key Programmes

Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme

  • Enrichment Activities
    • P1/P2- Choral Reciting Workshop
    • P3/P4- Story Theatre Workshop
Primary 1
  • Singing Competition
  • Penmanship Competition
Primary 2
  • Show & Tell Competiton
  • Creative Drawing and Expression Competition
Primary 3 and Primary 4
  • Story telling competition
  • Creative Drawing and Expression Competition

Show & Tell Competition

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Creative Drawing Competition

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Cultural Camp

Yearly, students are exposed to the different aspects of Tamil culture in this cultural camp. In the recent years, our students have learnt to paint Indian Oil Lamps and play traditional games such as Pallanguzhi. They have been introduced to Indian folk music and have danced to these songs. In addition, our pupils have understood the etiquette and benefits of dining on banana leaf and have savoured some of their favourite Indian snacks too.

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Other Enrichment Activities

Pupils have attended the puppet story telling workshop and speech & drama workshop in which they have been motivated to shed their shyness and speak with confidence.

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Our pupils have taken part in National level competitions and have brought honour to our school. Shivanethran of 3 Bravery achieved the 3rd prize in a National Thirukural recitation competition. Our Primary 4 pupils competed with P4&P5 pupils of other schools in a National Spelling Bee competition. After two tireless rounds, they made it to the top 40 of the competition.

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