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Total Defence Day 2017

TDD 2017 was commemorated on 14 & 15th February. The TDD theme for this year is "Together We Keep Singapore Strong". This year the school focused on the Civil and Psychological aspects of Total Defence. Pupils discussed TDD in the classrooms during CCE lessons and also watch a few videos on the different aspects of Total Defence.

 The highlight of the programme was an Assembly show “Bandage Brothers”, a skit by Red Cross Society Singapore. Through the skit, pupils learn some basic first aid knowledge and skills and the part they can play in Total Defence. All pupils also received a magazine on First Aid by Singapore Red Cross.

 In addition to the CCE lessons on Total Defence, there were also fun canteen activities and quizzes for all pupils to participate in. Through these interesting games & quizzes, pupils learn more about the 5 aspects of Total Defence and how they can contribute in keeping Singapore strong.

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