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World Red Cross Day cum Enrolment and EUA Award Ceremony (WRCD) 2016

Singapore_Red_Cross_Youth_Logo.pngOn the 2 April 2016 (Saturday) marks the World Red Cross Day cum Enrolment and EUA Award Ceremony (WRCD) 2016 which was held at Compassvale Secondary School, 51 Compassvale Crescent, Singapore 545083. 

The theme for the event is “Humanity In Our Hands” and we aim to bring together, renew and refresh the humanitarian beliefs of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement among youths and their communities and encourage the continuation of volunteerism among the youths in Singapore.

The event comprised two main segments, a ceremony and a carnival. Apart from the enrolment of new members, appreciation of graduating members and the recognition of the achievements of the school units during the ceremony, members will also refresh and renew their sense of belonging to RCY and witness for themselves that they are part of this huge humanitarian organization and that together, we can make changes. Exciting game, food and information booths will be set up during the carnival, not just by the helpers, but also the Links, Cadets and Chapter members. The carnival will be a platform for members to interact and show support for one another.

In the assessment year 2015 for Excellent Unit Award, a total of 17 units are awarded the Gold Award, 7 units are awarded the Silver Award and 2 units are awarded the Bronze Award while 2 units are unplaced.

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Congratulations to Greendale Primary School for winnning the GOLD AWARD for REC CROSS YOUTH EXCELLENCE UNIT.

International Services and Community Services  
Red Cross Youth would like to wish and thank the Principal and RCY Officers who had spent much time and effort in the year of 2015 to nurture and develop their units.