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Principal's Foreword

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Welcome back to Greendale Primary School and Happy New Year!
In 2023, the school will reach a key milestone as we celebrate our 15th Anniversary. I am proud that we have emerged more resilient, more unified, and better equipped to handle an ever-changing landscape. This new school year brings the promise of a renewed dedication, focus, and energy to the mission of teaching and learning, as well as character development.

I look forward to continuing our collaboration with our stakeholders and key partners to provide our children with an effective and engaging educational experience. Greendale  will continue to make a priority of working together as a caring and compassionate learning community with professionalism, teamwork, action, and expertise. We will always put the best interests of our students at the center of our purpose. 

As a school, we are cognizant that navigating a VUCA world would require our students to adopt a growth mindset to embrace lifelong learning, risk-taking and failing forward. They need to be critical thinkers and be adept in communicating and collaborating with various networks.  Above all, they must develop a strong moral compass and resiliency, and become worthy citizens of Singapore. Hence, we will continue to provide a quality holistic education to all Greendalites. 

In addition to the academic focus, our rich programme of co-curricular provision provides opportunity for students to develop and flourish in sports, arts, music, and outdoor adventure, where they can develop key life skills including confidence, teamwork and leadership. I envision Greendale as a vibrant community, one that is bursting with positive energy from boys and girls who exude confidence in every stride that they take; youths who are champions of social causes that they care deeply for, and young gentlemen and ladies who flourish because they have found meaning, purpose, positive emotions, accomplishment and engagement in their pursuit of their aspirations, interests and talents.

I am indeed blessed and thankful to continue leading the Greendale family. Together, I am confident that Greendale will continue to thrive for many, many more years ahead.

Ad Astra!

Best Regards,
Mrs Noorismawaty Sng-Ismail
Greendale Primary School