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Clubs and Societies

Club and Societies 2018

Clubs & SocietiesCompetitionResultNameClass
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Club and Societies 2017

Clubs & Societies Competition Result Name Class
Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Club
6th National Chinese Calligraphy Competition Outstanding Achievement

Consolation Award
Ng Wen Yu
Sophia Chua

Kayla Teo

  SPH Speak Up! Kids Public Speaking Competition 2017  Champions  Li Chih Hao
Twisha Gangwar
Mahee Rathore
 Chess Club Kasparov @ 15th Anniversary Rapid 2017   Gold AwardRitvij Kansal 5C

Club and Societies 2016

Clubs & Societies Competition Result Name Class
Science & Environment Club Waste to Craft Competition Merit FAREEHA IRFAN RAJIWATE 4C
       HO ZHI MAN 3C 
 Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Club National Calligraphy Competition  Excellent Award  Ng Wen Jun ,6C

Club and Societies 2015

Clubs & SocietiesCompetitionResultNameClass
Infocomm ClubNational Photography FestivalCertificate of ParticipationTristen, Ethan, Calista, Mikhail, MarkP6
 Chinese Calligraphy & PaintingNat'l Pri and Sec Sch Chinese Calligraphy Competition 2015 merit award  Edward Kwok, Ng Wen Jun,P5

Club and Societies 2014

Clubs & SocietiesCompetitionResultName
ArtUNEP  Int'l Children's Painting Competition on the Environment
("UNEP" - United Nations Environment Programme Regional Office for Asia-Pacific)
shortlisted for finalsGAN WEI YIN
 Infocomm ClubNational Schools Digital Media Awards (SDMA) Team A - Gold
Team B - Merit 
 Chinese Calligraphy and PaintingNational Primary School On-the-Spot Chinese Calligraphy Competitionmerit award  Edward Kwok, Ng Wen Jun