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Chess Club

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Our Chess Club is set up with the objective of promoting intellectual games. It aims to introduce basic chess playing skills to members and help them develop higher order thinking skills such as the ability to visualize, analyze, and think critically. Through chess, the CCA members will improve their ability to focus on tasks. When playing chess, the pupils will see the importance of thinking ahead, trying to figure out their opponent’s next move and their own alternatives moves. There is evidence that chess-playing school children significantly outperform non-playing children in literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills. Chess is a game with no barriers as people of any age, gender, race and social class can all play.

Our pupils took part in both the 71st National Schools Individual Chess Championship and 16th Queenstown CC Age Group Chess Championship 2019. Zach Tan (P3E) managed to clinched a Merit Award in the North Zone for Boys under 10 category. We look forward to take part in more chess competitions in the near future.

Received Merit medal.jpg
Zach Tan receiving the Merit medal from Mrs Jasmine Tan

16th Queenstown CC Age Group Chess Championship 2019.jpg
Our Chess Club boys at the 16th Queenstown CC Age Group Chess Championship 2019

Teacher-In-Charge Training Day Time Venue
Mr Yuen Hong Sheng Alfred- IC
Ms Helen Lim
Ms Stephanie Teo
Friday 1.40 − 3.40 pm Computer Lab 3