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Customised Horticultural Session

On 12 May 2017, 17 Community in Nature (CIN) members participated in a special workshop conducted by a volunteer, Mr Bian Tan, from NParks.

Mr Tan first shared on various aspects of biodiversity, and then introduced the practice of plant propagation using existing biodiversity-attracting shrubs, herbs, climbers and creepers in school.

After the briefing, Mr Tan brought the pupils on a guided walk around the school to familiarise participants on guiding, in preparation for the biodiversity trail that they are to create in Semester 2. Pupils were amazed by the rich and diverse flora that exists on our very own ecogarden, and have learnt interesting trivia to share with future visitors. Hands-on experiential learning, such as smelling the scent of crushed leaves from plants used to make essential oils, brought excitement to the pupils, fuelling their joy of learning as they marvelled at the wonders of nature.

A gift of appreciation was presented to Mr Tan at the end of the session.