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General Information

CCAs play an important part in our pupils’ holistic, well-rounded education. They help nurture qualities such as resilience, tenacity, confidence and perseverance, which would prepare them to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

We offer a wide variety of CCAs comprising four main groups namely, Sports & Games, Performing Arts, Clubs & Societies and Uniformed Groups. Through our holistic CCA programme, we hope to develop our pupils to be collaborative team players, critical and inventive thinkers and leaders with a heart to serve the community.

Pupils who perform well in their CCAs may be nominated to receive MOE's EAGLES Award. This award gives recognition to pupils' leadership, achievement or service in the non-academic domains through co-curricular activities. For more information on EAGLES, please click here.

Pupils who wish to further pursue and develop their talent beyond Primary school may opt to to do so via the Direct-Schools' Admission (DSA) route. For more information on DSA, please click here.

Key Events
CCA Registration & Placement
National School Games (NSG)
Singapore Youth Festival (SYF)

Visual and Performing Arts
International Dance
Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Club.jpg
Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Club

Clubs and Societies
Chess Club.jpeg
Chess Club
Infocomm Club.jpg
Environmental Science Club.jpeg
Environmental Club

Uniformed Groups
Red Cross.jpg
Red Cross
Boys Brigade.jpeg
Boys' Brigade
Girls Brigade.png
Girls' Brigade