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Volleyball adopts a tactical game approach concept that places pupils at the centre to decide:

  • What to do (tactical awareness);

  • How to do it (skill execution);

  • When to do it (timing); and

  • Where to do it (space).

Pupils will be taught the skills and techniques for net barrier games and will be given exposure to develop their leadership potential.

Our team participates in the Inter-Schools Volleyball Championships and the various volleyball carnivals. If you like challenge, join our CCA!

Teacher-In-Charge Training Day Time Venue
Mr Dennis Tan – I/C
Ms Este Chow
Mdm Goh Yan Qi


2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Indoor Sport Hall (Wed)

Basketball Court (Fri)

* School Team only

Disclaimer: All photos of pupils without masks are taken prior to the Circuit Breaker period.