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Boys Brigade

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The Boys' Brigade is the first and oldest uniformed youth organisation in the world founded in 1883 by a Christian businessman in Glasgow, Scotland. It is a Christian Uniformed Organisation for Boys and is recognised by the Ministry of Education as one of the eight uniformed youth groups. The Boys' Brigade is open to Boys from all races, religions and nationalities as it is a CCA activity. It caters to your Boy to complement his academic pursuit.

20J - The 'Greendale Primary' Company

The movement is called The Boys' Brigade and the local unit is known as the Company, thus your child is joining the Singapore Company. The Boys’ Brigade contingent in Greendale Primary School is jointly sponsored by Greendale Primary School and Changi Methodist Church.

The Uniform

Boys Brigade stand orderly.jpg
The Boys proudly put on their uniforms to help them develop a sense of discipline, identity and belonging. Boys of this age have a strong tendency to form groups and they recognise leadership and the displaying of loyalty to the groups. It is this inclination that the Boys’ Brigade is fostering, that the Boys will know and come to appreciate teamwork. With many group activities during CCA days, the boys learn to work with one another. They eventually begin to appreciate one another’s strengths and learn to support each other in times of difficulty. Through the many challenges, leaders are also born and developed.

BB Boys in their BB Polo Attire

Having outdoor activity.jpg

Boys put on their BB Polo when they are engaged in sports or rigorous activities. The Polo attire allows the boys to be more comfortable when engaging in sports.

Boys’ Brigade Teachers, Officers and Volunteers

BB Teachers and Officers.jpg(From left to right: Mr Wong Yew Hong, Rev. Simon Cheo (LTA), Mdm Caroline Quek, Mdm Jennifer Joy Goh (2LT), Mdm Li Lin, Mr Emmanuel (2LT), Mr Samuel Lee)

All the Boys’ Brigade teachers, officers and volunteers in Greendale Primary School are truly dedicated in mentoring the boys to the best of their abilities in order to inculcate and impart righteous values in the lives of the boys. Every officer is currently registered with the Boy’s Brigade Headquarters. The teachers serve to manage the discipline of the boys during the activities and ensure the well-being of each child. Do contact the teachers to discuss any matter relating to your child.

Boys’ Brigade CCA

The Boys’ Brigade is an established uniformed group with a long history of serving the community and nation for over 70 years in Singapore. We provide a meaningful and enjoyable programme of educational, physical and social activities for our pupils that will stand them in good stead when they grow up.

Some of our programmes include personal enrichment, adventure training and community service projects. Through these programmes, they are given opportunities to develop leadership qualities and life skills under the mentorship and guidance of the volunteer adult leaders. All these programmes embody our commitment to the total development of our students to become responsible and useful citizens of our nation.

Some Boys’ Brigade CCA Activities

Skill & Team-building

Learning and working in team (1).jpgLearning and working in team (2).jpg

Learning and working in team (3).jpgLearning and working in team (4).jpg


Students learn to be discipline (1).jpgStudents learn to be discipline (2).jpg

Life skills

Adopt another skills set (1).jpgAdopt another skills set (2).jpg

Boys’ Brigade Awards

Boys Brigade Awards.jpg

For the last few consecutive years including 2021, the Greendale Company (20J) has achieved the Silver Award for the J M Fraser Award for Excellence, given out in recognition of the BB companies' achievements in the areas of administrative and operational efficiency. This year, we have recorded the highest number of pupils in the recruitment for our Primary 4s.

Teacher-In-Charge Training Day Time Venue
Mr Emmanuel- I/C
Mr Wong Yew Hoong
Mdm Li Lin
Mr Samuel Lee
2.00 pm - 4.00 pm
MT3, SB1 & SB2
(New Block Level 5)

Disclaimer: All photos of pupils without masks are taken prior to the Circuit Breaker period.