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Girls Brigade

87th Company

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You are invited to join the earliest girl band in the world – THE GIRL’ BRIGADE.

The Girls’ Brigade Singapore (GBS) is an international uniformed youth organisation for girls, recognised by Ministry of Education of Singapore as a Co-Curricular Activity in the schools.

Our Mission

The mission of the Girls’ Brigade (GB) is to develop each Girl and Officer to her fullest potential by Equipping, Empowering and Enabling:

Every Girl a Leader.
Every Officer a Servant Leader.

Through the GB Junior Programme the 87Th Coy aims to develop the character of our GB members in tandem with our GB mission and the school values of respect, commitment and collaboration.

Due to the on-going Covid-19 situation in 2021, the Coy adopted social distancing and other precautionary health measures in the first semester for her face to face, in-person CCA sessions.  We implemented online CCA in the second semester.

What do we do?

Our training programme is geared towards developing the TOTAL girl – physically, educationally and socially. We inculcate moral values, develop character and provide training in leadership skills. Our members are encouraged to share what they have learnt in their homes, schools, community, nation and the region.

* Cultivating meaningful pursuits
* Expanding knowledge and skills
* Developing physical skills
* Learning to care for themselves
* Understanding oneself in relation to others
* Being of service in the home, school, community, nation and the region

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The Girls’ Brigade is an established uniformed group with a long history of serving the community in Singapore. Started in Jan 2015, we form the 87th Company of Girls’ Brigade, Singapore. We provide meaningful and enjoyable programmes that are educational, physical and social for our pupils.

Some of our programmes include personal enrichment, adventure training and community service. Through these programmes, our girls are given opportunities to develop leadership qualities and life skills under the mentorship and guidance of the volunteer adult leaders. All these programmes embody our commitment to the total development of our students to become responsible and useful citizens of our nation.

The highlight event for the first half of 2015 was the Enrolment Service in March. The girls joined the Boys’ Brigade pupils to put up a song item to all the guests. Another highlight is the end of the term Games Day in which they played water games and laser tag.

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Teacher-In-Charge Training Day
Ms Geetha Christina - I/C
Mrs April Choo
Mdm Chew Boon Ping Janice
Ms Kua En Na
2.00 - 4.00 pm
CCA Room 2,
Teaching Lab
(New Block Level 4/5)

Disclaimer: All photos of pupils without masks are taken prior to the Circuit Breaker period.

SILVER Award - Dr Low Guat Tin National Challenge

The school’s Girls’ Brigade (GB), 87th Coy received a Silver Award at the Dr Low Guat Tin National Challenge on 16 August 2021.

The National Challenge encourages GB girls to seek creative ways to improve the lives of those around them – expanding the boundaries of their capabilities and empathy towards their world.  The theme for this year is “Better Minds, Better Tomorrow”.

Our GB Coy sent in 31 submissions. Of these, 5 received Silver and the rest, 26 Bronze award. Five of our P6 girls who won Silver put together their experiences on mental well-being, collaborated and produced a short video.  The other 26 members from mixed upper levels worked in groups and submitted posters and writing.

You are my Superhero! - GB appreciates our healthcare workers

From 26th to 28th February 2020, Girls’ Brigade (GB) members rallied fellow pupils, teachers and staff members to sign big appreciation cards to present to healthcare workers in our hospitals.  Tag-lined “You are my Superhero!” the girls realized that they could show appreciation to the super heroes fighting the COVID-19 virus at the frontline.  These are our nurses, orderlies, cleaners, security guards, doctors, pharmacists, reception officers and many other healthcare workers in the hospitals.

          We hope that this service project has helped our GB members to live out their motto of “Every Girl, A Leader” while practising school values of ‘Appreciation’, ‘Respect’ and ‘Graciousness’.  At the same time, our girls have also contributed to the two pillars of Total Defence, namely, ‘Psychological Defence’ and ‘Social Defence’.

          These are what some of our GB girls have to say about the VIA project.

“That people are really grateful and appreciate the doctors and nurses at the hard times. I am glad that our pupils are more than happy to sign the cards.”

Jeeya, Primary 5 Compassion

“Many people are writing letters to doctors and nurses in Singapore.  So the people in the hospital feel better.”

Keshini, Primary 4 Compassion

“I observed that a lot of efforts had been put to make the cards…I will appreciate the nurses, health care workers and doctors more.”

Xin Tong, Primary 6 Compassion

The final tally of 55 A3 size encouragement cards have been posted to 3 hospitals, namely, Sengkang General Hospital, Changi General Hospital and Singapore General Hospital.





Building Up Resilience in GB

Do you know that the 87th Coy Girls’ Brigade (GB) members have been practising hard in their drills since late 2019?  Originally, our goal was to enter the National Drill Competition scheduled in March 2020.  The competition has been cancelled due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak.  
Despite this setback, the girls never gave up.  They still continue with the drills during CCA on Fridays.  Our new goal is the school showcase to fellow Boys’ Brigade members on 13 March 2020, at the end of Term 1.  Being in a drill inculcates the school values of respect, resilience, commitment and collaboration in our GB girls.  Team comradery is strengthened as we work towards a common goal.

Building Resilience 1.jpg

Building Resilience 2.jpg

Building Resilience 3.jpg

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Girls’ Brigade takes on the Dr Low Guat Tin (LGT) Challenge 2019

Our Girls’ Brigade 87th company sent a team of eight P5 girls to take part in the Dr Low Guat Tin (LGT) Challenge on 1st June (Sat) 2019. The LGT Challenge is a national completion that is held biennially. The pupils were challenged to code and program a Micro:bit device that would help the environment.

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-01 at 9.18.05 AM.jpeg

Due to the recent dispute between Malaysia and Singapore regarding the 1962 Water Agreement and the recent commemoration of World Water Day on 22nd March 2019, the girls decided to program the Micro:bit to create awareness on the amount of water wasted in the canteen and highlight the importance of saving water.  

With the technical knowledge gained from attending a Micro:bit workshop, the girls managed to code the device independently and learned problem-solving skills. Their end-product consisted of a timer that calculated the amount of water wasted per second if users washed their hands for an extended duration. LED lights on the device were also programmed to light up to serve as a visual cue for those washing their hands. 

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-01 at 9.20.38 AM.jpeg

As a result of their participation in this challenge, the girls learnt research skills such as data collection and critical thinking. They also exhibited the school values of commitment and collaboration while working together and supported one another when faced with a problem. They overcame their shyness to confidently present the device to the judges. Through the hard work and effort put into their Micro:bit device, the girls aimed for excellence and managed to clinch a bronze award for this year’s LGT Challenge!  

GB Appreciates Heritage

A beckon came from the past to visit Telok Ayer. The Girls’ Brigade heeded this gentle call when the Coy went on the Pioneer’s Trail at Ann Siang Hill on 12 April 2019. The learning journey hoped to inculcate in our GB members, our school values of appreciation and respect.

Also as part of the school's Learning for Life Programme through Outdoor Education, the GB members developed a greater sense of place as Singaporeans through increasing their awareness of the history and culture of the Telok Ayer area. They had a glimpse of how the pioneers lived out daily lives in the multi-racial society at that time. GB members knew more about the different historical buildings and learnt how to better appreciate the architectural heritage at Ann Siang Hill area.

Our girls are indeed privileged to have been able to take part in this heritage tour organised by the National Parks Board, in commemoration of the Singapore Bicentennial.

Smart Way Forward

In line with Singapore’s “Smart Nation” initiative, the Girls’ Brigade (GB), with the support of GB Headquarters, attended a series of information technology workshops on 1 March and 8 March 2019. The workshops were conducted in the new Tampines Regional Library where our girls learnt about coding and its uses in various technological applications.

GB Microbits (1).jpeg

GB Microbits (2).jpg

GB Brings Care and Festive Joy

The 87th Coy of the Girls’ Brigade (GB) visited the Bright Hill Evergreen Home on 25 January 2019.  As this event was near the Lunar New Year, the GB members included some festive celebrations.

As part of the pre-visit preparations, the company of 39 members prepared a Chinese song “早安老师zao3 an1 lao3 shi1” (“Good morning, Teacher”).  This song was a popular drama serial theme song in the 1980s. Our GB girls learnt how to make paper lanterns.  Making decorative objects out of unused red packets instead of throwing them away increases the awareness of ‘reuse’ and ‘recycle’, and general conservation of our living resources.  These Lunar New Year Lanterns were personally presented to the residents.

While it took some time for the young GB members to ‘break the ice’ with the elderly residents at the start, our girls eventually warmed up and learnt how to be gracious when interacting with the elders.  They also helped to serve the residents tea and cakes.  There was a high level of excitement in the air when the elderly residents strove to win at the bingo game our girls conducted.

This visit marks GB’s first Values-In-Action (VIA) project in the year.  Through such VIA projects, GB hopes to promote values of graciousness, service, respect and develop to be Confident, Caring and Active contributors.

GB gets Smart

In line with Singapore’s ‘Smart Nation’ initiative and under the flagship of the Girls Brigade (GB) Headquarters, a group of our Primary 4 GB members attended a Digital Maker workshop at Temasek Polytechnic on 21 May 2018.

Our girls were taught the basics of block coding using Microbits.  They were taught how to code for a motion sensor and a light sensor.  Though the items are small and coding is simple, the final digital maker may prove to be of help to all and sundry.  For example, the motion and light sensors could be integrated into a night light for the elderly.

The GB members would be showcasing their ideas at a GB Friendship Day event on 14 July 2018.

GB gets Smart (1).jpegGB gets Smart (2).jpg

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