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Red Cross

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The Red Cross runs school-based youth programmes and is a CCA recognized by the MOE. The Singapore Red Cross Youth was formed in 1952 and the movement extended in primary schools is known as the Link Programme.

What we aim to do

To cultivate qualities in members to be socially responsible leaders and achievers in promoting the humanitarian values of the Red Cross Movement through a host of activities.

Through fun games and activities, Red Cross links will not only acquire good lifesaving skills and habits, but will also cultivate in themselves the values of responsibility, resilience and teamwork.

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As Teacher ICs in Red Cross, we will also strive to nurture our links to be socially responsible citizens and instill in them a sense of global citizenship. 

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The Red Cross CCA will thus be an avenue for our links to make a difference in their lives and others.

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Teacher-In-Charge Training Day Time Venue
Mdm Farrah Eliana – I/C
Ms Gnaneswary
Ms Arifah Bte Adnan
Mdm Doris Yap
Friday 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm Classroom 4A, 4B, 4C

Disclaimer: All photos of pupils without masks are taken prior to the Circuit Breaker period.