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Art Club is a safe space for the exploration and experiential learning of Art beyond the boundaries of the classroom. It is also a platform for students to extend their interest in Art. Opportunities are given for students to participate in nationwide competition such as Singapore Youth Festival (SYF), to go for learning journeys to the museum and to learn and create art based on art techniques learnt.

Learning Journey to NAFA 2018

Art Club (1).jpg
At NAFA, students learnt about optical illusions.

Art Club (2).jpg
Exploring artworks done by students from NAFA.

Art Club (3).jpg
After the NAFA Learning Journey

SYF Exhibition 2019

Art Club (4).jpg
Category C

Title of artwork: Food Binds Us Together.

Received the Certificate of Recognition

Art Club (5).jpg
Category B

Title of artwork:  Our Garden City

Received the Certificate of Participation

Wall Mural (2019)

Art Club (6).jpg
Painting a wall mural for an upcoming room- Little Inventors’ Studio.

Art Club (7).jpg

Teacher-In-Charge Training Day Time Venue
Ms Rachel Pierre – I/C
Mdm Faizah Ibrahim
Mdm Shirley Puah
1.40 pm - 3.40 pm
Art Room 2