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Applied Learning Programme

Toy Story – A Toy design project

In line with the new Ministry of Education initiative of the Applied Learning Programme, Greendale Primary School has developed our very own Toy Design Project, which we fondly call "Toy Story". The primary objective of this programme is to develop critical and creative thinking skills through process of toy design. Pupils will be taught creative thinking tools such as Edward de Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats (Primary 1 to 3) and SCAMPER by Bob Eberle (Primary 4 to 6). They will also be introduced to selected Visible Thinking Routines with the purpose of preparing our pupils to be critical and inventive thinkers, ready to make positive contributions to the future.

This project, which will be carried out by all pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 6, seeks to make learning come alive by using real-world contexts and Toys, something close to the children’ hearts. Pupils will get a chance to apply knowledge and skills from the academic curriculum into the project, which has been designed to seamlessly integrate various different subjects at different levels. The theme of TOYS is sure to motivate and excite the pupils as well as get them thinking about various Science concepts that allow the toys to function the way they do.

In addition, pupils have the opportunity to contribute actively to group decisions and develop their confidence by sharing their ideas at group and class level. The project will also require pupils to be self-directed in doing research and looking for ideas and information. The pupils will learn the process of completing project work and be allowed to self-assess and peer-assess with the help of clearly defined rubrics.

The collaborative nature of this project also allows pupils to further enhance their competencies in self-management, relationship management and social awareness through their interactions with their peers.   

Pupils will be carrying out this Toy Design Project during the following periods:



Primary 1 & 2

Term 3 and 4

Primary 3, 4 & 5

Term 2 and 3

Primary 6

After PSLE


This project was piloted with the Primary 6 pupils in 2013 and the pupils were very engaged in the whole learning process. The pupils culminated their learning with the Toy Carnival – A platform to showcase their products and explore ideas created by their peers.