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Learning outcomes

Primary 1 & Primary 2

  • Identify Elements of Art such as colour, line, dot and shape.
  • Identify Principles of Design such as pattern and scale.
  • Observe from what they see around them.
  • Talk about what they see and experience in Art lessons.
  • Recognize and use basic shapes in art making.
  • Use selected art materials such as colour pencils and oil pastels.
  • Art forms: Focusing on 2-dimensional art and digital art

Primary 3 & Primary 4

  • Identify and differentiate Elements of Art such as colour, space, texture, line, dot and shape.
  • Identify and differentiate Principles of Design such as variety,scale, pattern and rhythm in artworks.
  • Observe and organise ideas from what they see in their environment.
  • Share ideas about art and demonstrate appreciation and respect for others' opinions.
  • Articulate reasons for preferences in personal artwork using basic art vocabulary.
  • Art forms: 2DC drawing, painting, collage, assemblage, digital art.


Primary 5 & Primary 6

  • Identify and differentiate Elements of Art such as colour, texture, shape, tone, line, form and space.
  • Identify and differentiate Principles of Design such as pattern, contrast, variety, harmony, dominance, variety and unity.
  • Apply process, art materials and media during art making that are appropriate to intentions.
  • Discuss the intentions of their own artworks and interpret those of peers.
  • Identify and compare ideas in artworks and interpret intent, ideas and moods in original artworks.
  • Justify personal preferences, using appropriate art terminology.
  • Art forms: 3D, 2D, print making, digital media


Pedagogical approach

To achieve the learning outcomes, our pedagogical approach equips every pupil with the knowledge, skills and values of art. Below is a list of our teaching approaches:

  • Elements of Art
  • Principles of Designs
  • Art history and vocabulary
  • Art techniques e.g. drawing and painting
  • Visual enquiry and communication

Key Programmes

Below are some of our key programmes for all levels:

P1 and P2

Digital Art

2-dimensional art and craft work

Art Appreciation: walking with Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh and animals in art

P3 and P4

2-dimensional art work

3-dimensional assemblage

Art Appreciation: walking with Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Still Life and portraits

P5 and P6

2-dimensional painting

Mixed Medium, print making, visual textures and tones.

Art Appreciation: Andy Warhol (Pop Art), Gustav Klimt (tree of life), Jackson Pollock (Action painting)

Art Xchange @ Esplanade 

Lantern creation_1Lantern creation_Group PhotoLantern creation_5
Lantern creation_2Lantern creation_3Lantern creation_4

Ceramic Workshop

ceramic creation_1ceramic creation_2ceramic creation_3
 ceramic creation_6ceramic creation_5 ceramic creation_4