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Health Education

Learning Outcome: To understand the importance of being physically active, practise good health and safety habits, and maintain a balance diet in their pursuit of an active and healthy lifestyle.


Key Initiatives:

  • Unstructured play during recess
  • WOW Programme

      • Obesity/Underweight reduction
      • BMI monitoring
      • External activities

          • KURBO1
          • ActiveSG2
  • Healthy Meals in School Programme
  • School Health Service & Screening
  • Dental Health Programme

Overview of Greendale Primary School’s Health Education Programme




Oral Health

Oral Health Promotion Programme

P1, 3 and 5 pupils

Health Habits and Practices

Drink Water Campaign

P1 to 6 pupils

Mental Wellness

Roving Carnival

P1 to 3 pupils

Mental Wellness

Anti-Smoking Assembly Show

P4 to 6 pupils


Stay Healthy with Smarter Food Choices

P1 to 4 pupils

Sports and Fitness

Sports Clinic during Recess

All pupils

Health Habits and Practices

Eye Health Talk

All pupils

1 KURBO is a student-friendly lifestyle coaching app. Please visit https://kurbo.com/HPB for more information.

2 ActiveSG is an all-encompassing and inclusive national movement for sport, brought to you by Sport Singapore. Please visit https://www.myactivesg.com/programmes/for-kids for more information.