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Malay Language

1) Learning Outcomes 

We aim to level up the pupils’ proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing through various engaging and pupil-centred activities. Pupils will be able to:-

a.    listen and understand Malay Language in both formal and informal situations

b.    respond appropriately to instruction or message conveyed

c.    speak fluently in “sebutan baku”

d.    read all kinds of materials; print and non-print and to cultivate it into a habit which foster into a life-long learning culture 

e.    understand and write in different genres    

f.     think critically and creatively and use effective techniques to gain information, ideas and knowledge 

g.    understand the cultures and values of the Malay community


2) Pedagogical Approaches

a.    Differentiated Instruction 

We strongly believe that the best way to teach a pupil is to ensure that the pupil is an active, motivated partner.  To ensure that every child is engaged and motivated, we adopted the differentiated instruction technique in the classroom. We acknowledge the fact that every child learns at a different pace. With this in mind, we provide different students with different avenues to learning in terms of acquiring content; processing, constructing or making sense of ideas.

We develop differentiated teaching materials and assignments so that all students within a classroom can learn effectively, regardless of differences in ability.


b.    Shared Book Approach

In order to instill the interest and love of reading Malay books in the pupils, we adopt the shared book approach where pupils will be given the opportunity to read with their teacher and peers using big books.


3) Key Programmes

The Malay Language Department organizes various activities and programmes for pupils throughout the year in an attempt to improve their mastery of the language as well as to enable them to enjoy learning the language.


a.    Mother Tongue Fortnight

The Malay department organizes two weeks of fun-filled cultural activities each year. The department aims to instill in pupils the sense of love for culture that is vital in the learning of Malay Language.  These activities help to inspire and motivate interest towards the Malay language apart from discovering their talents and skills.  The activities include recess activities where pupils get to play games and take part in quizzes. Classroom activities such as learning poetry, dramatization and journalism were also carried out. A language and cultural camp for the Primary 3 pupils were also carried out.


b.    Extensive Reading Programme

The pupils are exposed to many different kinds of reading materials in order to enhance their mastery of the Malay language. Accompanying learning materials are also developed to enrich their learning. Pupils get to do reviews, learn about characterization and plot. All work done will be filed in their ‘Jejak Buku Saya’ file which will be used throughout their six years in the school.


4) Support Programmes

a.    Enrichment Programmes

-       Speech & Drama for Primary 1 & 2 pupils

-       Journalism Workshop for Pr 4 & 5 pupils


b.    Inter-class Competition

-       Pr 1 & 2: Singing Competition

-       Pr 3: Story-telling Competition

-       Pr 4 – Pr 6: Quiz


5) Useful Links

a.    Mekar Dalam Talian: bahan-bahan audio, video dan interaktif untuk pakej Mekar


b.    Permainan Bahasa: bahan-bahan untuk menguji pengetahuan murid dalam bahasa Melayu



c.    Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP): menjawab kemusykilan dalam penggunaan bahasa