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Learning Outcomes

In Greendale Primary School, we aim to enable our pupils to:

  • Acquire and apply mathematical concepts and skills
  • Develop cognitive and metacognitive skills through a mathematical approach to problem solving
  • Develop positive attitudes towards mathematics.

Pedagogical Approaches

In Greendale Primary, we use manipulative, practical work and technological aids to help pupils in the understanding of concepts. 

Pupils are given a variety of learning experiences to help them develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and to make sense of various mathematical ideas. By allowing them to make connections to prior knowledge and encouraging application of math concepts in real-life situations, pupils are able to participate actively in learning Mathematics.  

Through group work and hands-on activities, pupils partake in collaborative learning and learn to communicate using mathematical language.  By making the learning of mathematics fun, meaningful and relevant, we hope to inculcate positive attitudes towards Mathematics in our pupils.


Key Programmes

Financial Literacy Programme

Pupils learn how to manage their finances and make responsible decisions through awareness of their needs and wants.  The programme also includes topics like the importance of savings, how to spot counterfeit money, as well as the calculation of exchange rates of different countries.

Recess games (2).jpgRecess games.jpg

Fun With Maths At Recess

Fun With Maths At Recess provides pupils with opportunities for pupils to explore mathematical concepts and to sharpen their logical thinking skills through games.  With the Habits of Mind infused, pupils aim to strive for accuracy and cultivate the value of perseverance while solving the puzzles.


Group work in class (2).jpgGroup work in class.jpg


GLEAM is a new initiative to infuse creativity and problem-solving in a structured manner.  Through GLEAM, pupils will be exposed to and even master the 4 games namely, Tangrams, Suduko, Rubik’s Cube and International Chess.


Accelerated Prog.jpg

Maths Accelerated Program

Maths Accelerated Programme provides opportunities to the high-progressing pupils for them to explore concepts in-depth and also topics beyond the Primary School syllabus.

Learning Support for Mathematics (LSM)

This is an early intervention programme implemented in P1 to assist pupils who need support to improve their basic numeracy skills.  Pupils identified for this programme are place in small groups during Maths lessons and taught by our trained Maths Support Teacher (MAST).


Support Programmes (if any)

Maths Olympiad

In order to stretch our pupils in non-routine questions, selected pupils are offered to sign up for Maths Olympiad.  Pupils are exposed to higher-order questions and even secondary Maths syllabus.


All eligible pupils are encouraged to sit for the UNSW ICAS international assessment where they benchmark against pupils of the same level all over the world.  In this assessment, pupils are assessed across five strands namely, Algebra and Patterns, Chance and Data, Measures and Units, and Number and Arithmetic.



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