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Programme for Active Learning (PAL)


Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

As an integral part of the curriculum for Primary One and Two pupils,     
  • PAL offers learning experiences that are active, hands-on and meaningful.
  • PAL contributes to the development of soft skills in our pupils such as the ability to communicate clearly and cooperate with others, and having a lively curiosity about the world they live in and a belief in their ability to accomplish a task or deal with a challenge.
  • PAL broadens the learning experiences of our children and opens up our pupils’ access to and positively influences their future experiences.    

Learning Outcomes:  
•   Exhibit confidence in what they do and express themselves effectively
•   Exhibit curiosity and positive attitudes to learn
•   Enjoy group experiences and teamwork  

In Greendale Primary School, the domains for students’ experiential learning are broken down as follow:

Primary 1

Primary 2

Sports and Games

Outdoor Education



Visual Arts

Visual Arts