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Inquisitive learners, Budding Young Scientists


To inculcate the spirit of scientific inquiry in every individual

Science Curriculum @ Greendale

The Science Curriculum @ Greendale aims to achieve a balance between the acquisition of science knowledge, process and attitudes in the pupils.

In addition, as and when the topics lend themselves, pupils are made aware of the technological and social implications and the value aspects of science.

 Central to the Greendale curriculum is the inculcation of the spirit of scientific inquiry in the pupils. The conduct of inquiry is founded on the following domains of

           (a) Knowledge, Understanding and Application

           (b) Skills and Processes and

           (c) Ethics and Attitudes

Students at the boothStudents trying out the experiments

Learning Outcome


Pupils will be able to
•      Develop skills, habits of mind and attitudes such as objectivity, creativity and objectivity to carry out scientific inquiry
•         Use scientific concepts integrating with skills and processes to inquire phenomena around them
•         Use scientific knowledge and methods to make personal decisions
•         Appreciate how Science influences people and their environment

Friction booth

Air booth

Light booth

Student observing the experiment

Pedagogical Approaches

Science Teachers’ Toolkit

The following strategies are used to facilitate the inquiry process in pupils:

•         Concept Mapping

•         Cooperative Learning

•         Demonstrations

•         Field Trips

•         Investigation

•         Problem-Solving

•         Projects

•         Questioning

•         Infusion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Students at the experiment booth


Students showcasing their science project

The above strategies help to engage pupils in meaningful learning experiences and cultivate their curiosity and interest in science. The hands-on experiences situated in realistic contexts are provided for pupils to make connections with their own lives and the environment they live in.

Animal Encounter at Greendale

The Primary 3 pupils had a fun and engaging time whilst learning about the “Diversity of Animals”.  Instead of learning about the different animal groups from print, they watched documentaries of animals over the Internet.  They even had the chance to interact with live animals such as hamsters, chicks, frogs, tadpoles and stick insects to learn more about them.  The hands-on lessons enable the pupils to make use of their sensory skills to learn more about the different animal groups.  These lessons also serve to inculcate in the pupils a sense of responsibility and care for the animals.

Life cycle_1

 Life cycle_2Student observing tadpole

Life cycle_3Life cycle_4

Life cycle_5