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Parent Support Group

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The Parent Support Group is a group of parents who come together to offer the School tangible help in terms of volunteer support, as well as acting as a bridge between the students, parent community and the School. All with the aim to enhance the learning journey for our children in Greendale Primary School.

Being a parent volunteer allows you to have a greater awareness of how the school is run and helps you to identify more with your child in their schooling experience. Being a volunteer also gives you a voice to give feedback to the School and to have an impact on the School’s climate, programmes and direction.

There are numerous and varied opportunities for you to be involved, depending on your availability, personal talents and preferences.

We look forward to your joining us to make Greendale Primary a School of choice in our community!

Sign up as a Parent Volunteer by scanning the QR code below to join our WhatsApp group.

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You can also email us at greendalepsg@gmail.com, if you have any feedback or enquiries.


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A movement that seeks to inspire and involve fathers to become good influencers in their  
children's lives...for life.

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Who we are…
We are a group of like-minded fathers from Greendale Primary School coming together to support each other to become good influencers of our children’s lives.

Why we do it…
Father involvement in their children’s lives is critical in raising children with higher cognitive abilities, social emotional well-being and lower at-risk behaviours.

What we do…
Help fathers to strengthen their bond with their children an equip fathers with knowledge and skills for effective fathering.

How you can be involved…
Participate and/or organise the various father-child activities. Learn from and influence each other to become an outstanding father in our children’s lives.

Parenting Talk 2023

Feeling anxious about your child going to P1? How can we help our children through this transition?


Join Esther Foong, family life educator and mother of 2 primary school going children, to learn how we can better prepare our children (and ourselves) for this important milestone! Sign up via this QR code today! 



Let's explore how we can support them better in a brand new learning environment, by taking into consideration our children's emotional and social needs, as well as their unique personality.


Speaker's bio

Esther Foong is a Family Life Educator whose work aims to resource, train and inspire parents to better understand their children, so as to build stronger relationships with them. She regularly conducts parenting talks and workshops for schools, companies, churches and other community organisations. She is also passionate about values inculcation and character development in children, and sees great importance in the role of parents in this aspect.


Esther is the co-founder of SGFamilies, a ground-up movement by parents that aims to raise wholesome generations together. She also serves as Head of Partnerships and Programmes for GetConnected.sg, a customised digital parenting playbook. As a part-time lecturer at National Institute of Education, she supervises trainee teachers for their teaching practicum.