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Shooting at Safra Yishun on 15 Dec 2012

Father and child enjoyed a great time of bonding at the shooting range.  They learnt how to handle the rifle and shoot with accuracy.  We discovered quite a few top marksmen amongst our children!

Camp Rock 15-16 June

Another great father‐child bonding camp, culminating with a family gathering at the end. In this camp, music  was used as a vehicle to develop the themes/values of Creativity, Collaboration, Commitment and Confidence.  The camp provided many opportunities for father-child bonding via various activities.

Papa’s Magic Castle on 25 Feb

A magical moment of father-child bonding at the Castle Beach at East Coast where father and child were engaged in building their magical sandcastles incorporating features of their dream home. This activity allowed the “Papa” to express themselves, relate and communicate better through hands‐on activity in an outdoor informal setting.