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2014 Calendar of Events

14-15 Mar: P1 father-child sleepover

29 Mar: Canopy Challenge Walk @ Safra Yishun (for P2 and above)

14 Jun: Explore Pulau Ubin (half to full-day activity)

16 Aug: Archery/Pizza Making

3-4 Oct: Outdoor Camping 



1) P1 father-child sleepover in school on 14-15 March

Father and child enjoyed exclusive bonding time through the following activities e.g. father-child night treasure hunt, bedtime stories with Daddy and various fun-filled games to establish stronger bonding and father-child relationship.

P1 Sleepover 2014 Pic1.JPG

P1 Sleepover 2014 Pic2.JPG

P1 Sleepover 2014 Pic 3.JPG

P1 Sleepover 2014 Pic5.JPG

P1 Sleepover 2014 Pic6.JPG

2) Father-child Canopy Challenge Walk @ Safra Yishun on 29 March

Father and child experienced an exciting and memorable moment and enjoyed the top of the world feeling among the lush tree tops.  The Canopy Challenge Walk presents 100m of sky-high obstacles which include Jacob’s ladder, Burma Bridge, Postman Walk and Elvis Walk.  It was really heartening to see the fathers personally guiding, leading and coaching their children as they navigate the obstacles together as a tag team, and in the process boosting the children’s confidence and strengthening the father-child relationship.

Canopy Challenge Walk @ Safra Yishun (29 Mar 2014) (1).jpgCanopy Challenge Walk @ Safra Yishun (29 Mar 2014) (3).jpgCanopy Challenge Walk @ Safra Yishun (29 Mar 2014) (5).jpg

3) Father-child Floorball Clinic @GDPS Indoor Sports hall on 14 June

Floorball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Through this clinic, we aim to impart values like lifelong learning and playing together, communication, teamwork and discipline.

Floorball_Clinic_14Jun2014 (1).jpgFloorball_Clinic_14Jun2014 (2).jpgFloorball_Clinic_14Jun2014 (3).jpg

4) Father-child Pizza Making @ Doughworkz 16 & 30 Aug

Pizza Making 2014 Pic3.JPG

Pizza Making 2014 Pic2.JPG  Pizza Making 2014 Pic4.JPG

Pizza Making 2014 Pic1.JPG