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Parent Support Group

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The Parent Support Group is a group of parents who come together to offer the School tangible help in terms of volunteer support, as well as acting as a bridge between the students, parent community and the School.All with the aim to enhance the learning journey for our children in Greendale Primary School.

Being a parent volunteer allows you to have a greater awareness of how the school is run and helps you to identify more with your child in their schooling experience.Being a volunteer also gives you a voice to give feedback to the School and to have an impact on the School’s climate, programmes and direction.

There are numerous and varied opportunities for you to be involved, depending on your availability, personal talents and preferences.

We look forward to your joining us to make Greendale Primary a School of choice in our community!

Sign up as a Parent Volunteer HERE.

You can also email us at greendalepsg@gmail.com, if you have any feedback or enquiries.