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School Counselling

School Counsellor: Lim Huan Hee Michael

1. Goal of school counselling
The primary objective is to enhance the pupils' social and emotional competencies to promote their learning in school.

2. Counselling services
To support our pupils with a wide variety of issues including:
- anxiety
- anger
- abuse
- bullying
- grief / loss
- relationship problems
- academic motivation
- suicidal thoughts
- school refusal
- low self-esteem and confidence
- exploring educational and career pathways etc.

The school works closely with MOE's educational psychologist, guidance officer and Reach team from Child Guidance Clinic to provide appropriate psychological support to our pupils in need.  Pupils with issues (e.g. addiction) will be provided with a referral to an appropriate agency for specialised help, subject to parental consent.

3. Approaches
- Counselling as a preventive tool via mass education to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and well-being.
- Counselling as a responsive service to provide timely support for pupils in crises or in need of coping strategies for their social and emotional issues.

4. Access to counselling support
- walk-in during recess or after school
- self-referral via letter box
- referral from teacher

5. Support programmes
a) preventive programmes by levels:
- class guidance talks by school counsellor on various age-appropriate topics e.g. relating with peers, bullying awareness, anger management, stress management, study skills, coping mechanisms.

b) intervention programmes for identified at-risk pupils:
- keep cool
- social skills
- rainbows
- smoking cessation programme