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School Rules & Regulations

The Four As


Pupils who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.




  • must uphold the good name of the school at all times and at all places.
  • are to be gracious to one another and practise good etiquette.
  • are to take care of their own belongings and all school property.
  • are to be attentive in class and do their best at all times.



  • are to attend school punctually and regularly. They are expected to be in school by 7.25am.
  • must submit medical certificates for absences, especially on days of topical tests and examinations.
  • are to remain within the school premises during school hours. Parents who wish to have their children leave earlier must fill in a permission slip from the General Office.
  • must avoid being absent before school holidays begin as this is disruptive to learning and school programmes.


  • Pupils must wear the prescribed uniform. Modification to the school uniform is not allowed.
  • Hairstyles must be neat and face must be clean-shaven, and no wearing of beards and moustaches.
  • No highlighting or dyeing of the hair is allowed. Pupils must keep their fringe above the eyebrows. Boys must keep their hair short and sloped at the back. No spiky hairstyle or sideburns are allowed. Girls must keep their hair combed back from the face and neatly pinned up if necessary. Hair touching the lower line of the collar must be tied up neatly. Only black hair accessories are to be worn.
  • Fancy accessories (including fancy spectacle frames and dangling earrings) are not allowed.
  • Nametags are to be ironed on or sewn on both the uniform and PE T-shirt.
  • School collar badge is to be worn on the left collar of the uniform.
  • PE T-shirts are to be worn tucked in.
  • Plain white socks above the ankle are to be worn with white school shoes.