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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the school’s operating hours?

All pupils are expected to be in school by 7.30am during term time.

The school start and dismissal timings are:

Mon - Fri7:30am1:20pm (P1 & P2)
1:30PM (P3 to P6)

For the dismissal timings for the first week of school, please refer to Parents Gateway.

Most of the co-curricular activities (CCAs) for Primary 3 to Primary 6 pupils are held on Friday afternoon.

Our General Office is open from 7.00am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday.

2. Is there a snack break for pupils? 
In addition to a 30-minute recess, the school has introduced a snack break for all pupils from 12.00pm to 12.10pm. This is with consideration of pupils who may not get to have lunch until they reach home after school dismissal.

Pupils are advised to bring light and healthy snacks such as cereals, oatmeal biscuits, apple slices and bananas which they can consume in class during the break.

3. Does the school offer Higher Mother Tongue?
Our school offers Higher Mother Tongue lessons from Primary 3 onwards.  Students who have demonstrated the interest and required competency in their Mother Tongue would be offered by the school to do Higher Mother Tongue. 

At the end of Primary 4, the school will recommend the subject combination that is most suitable for them in Primary 5. Based on your child's Mother Tongue Language results, these subjects may include Higher Mother Tongue Language in one of the official languages.

4. Is there a student care centre in the school? 
There is a school-based student care centre managed by Singapore EduSmart Learning Centre. This is our new operator from 1 January 2023.  The student care centre is open till 7.00pm from Monday to Friday. The Centre has moved to the new premises within Level 1 of school. More information on the student care centre e.g. monthly rates can be found here: /about-us/school-services. Alternatively, you may wish to email their staff at: greendale@singaporeedusmart.com.sg for further enquiries.

5. Can parents/guardian park inside the school? 
Since Aug 2018, Greendale Primary has implemented season parking. The school’s carpark is small and all available parking lots have been designated as season parking for school staff.  Hence, parents/guardians and parent volunteers who are visiting the school would not be able to park in the school.   

Parents/guardian who need to pick up their children who are unwell or injured would be allowed to park their vehicle at the school foyer for a short duration.  

During term time, we will continue to allow parents/guardians to drive into the school premises for students’ morning arrival (before 7.30am).