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Art Department

Art is integral to the holistic development of every Greendale student as it is an important mode of human expression. Art at Greendale Primary School aims to foster students’ sense of identity, culture and a place in society, build students’ capacity to critically evaluate and process visual information in the 21st century, and expand students’ imagination and creativity.

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Through art education, students can grow to embody social and emotional competencies that would better prepare them for future challenges, changing demographics and technological advancements. Art discussions, art making, gallery walks, presentations and reflections are some pedagogical approaches used to develop students into active artist and informed audiences.

Key programmes

Students learn (and create) different types of art forms and artists under the 4 main focus areas:
  • Self and immediate environment
  • Singapore past, present and future
  • World and the region around us
  • Drawing module

Through the six years of art education students will be exposed to art forms such as drawing, painting, digital art, mixed media, print making, sculpture and textile. Digital media provides the pupils from all levels with another platform for expression and communication of ideas. They are also exposed to art techniques beyond the curriculum such as Cartooning, Chinese Painting, Batik Painting and Manga Drawing and during assembly programmes.

Every year, we have ‘Aesthetics Day’ for students to showcase their masterpieces done during art lessons. It is also a platform for them to appreciate artworks of their peers and to enjoy art.

Aesthetics Day

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Art Making

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Music Department

Our Music department aims to develop in our students’ music awareness and appreciation of music in local and global music while developing our students’ ability for creative expression and communication through music. The music journey in Greendale provides a holistic education to develop an informed and life-long involvement in music for our students.

Our lessons are designed using Experience-Concept-Application (ECA) approach where students will get to experience a new concept through singing and accompanying kinaesthetic, aural and visual activities. In the concept phrase, students will relate the activities in the experience phase to formal learning and then apply their learning.

Key Programmes

Our programmes are designed to enrich students’ musical learning experiences through music performing and creating so as to develop listening skills, fine motor skills, creative thinking and social skills.

Choral singing has been a major part of music lessons for all levels. Students learn by vocalising first and moving onto instruments as students are able to internalise the music by listening to and singing to it.

ICT lessons are implement for all levels as students get to create music in another mode. P5 and P6 students use GarageBand application to learn basic chords and improvisation skills in a self-directed learning environment.

Students learnt a range of percussion and string instruments in music lessons;
  • P1 : Handbells
  • P2 : Angklung
  • P3 : Recorder/ Harmonica
  • P4 : Recorder/ Ukulele
  • P5 : Basic Keyboard / Orff instruments/ Drum Circles
  • P6 : Basic to Intermediate Keyboard / Orff instruments/ (Beatboxing)

Classroom instruments are a major part in music lessons. The selection of different instruments at different levels ensures that students are able to handle the particular instruments at the appropriate age. The various melodic instruments provide the opportunity for students to express themselves through music making whilst learning music rudiments at the same time. Furthermore, as students learn to play the instruments through listening, note reading, engaging in discussion and group work, this helps our students to think critically to make sound decision.

To celebrate and deepen students’ understanding of music. There are various platforms for students to showcase their skills. Students get to perform during ‘Aesthetics Day’ and ‘Sing Singapore’.

Aesthetic Day Performance at the Canteen.JPG

Aesthetics Day Performance at the Canteen

Music Booth at Aesthetic Day.JPG

Music Booth at Aesthetics Day

Ukulele Lesson.jpeg

Ukulele Lesson

Angklung Lesson.png

Angklung Lesson

P4 Sing Singapore Competition.JPG

P4 Sing Singapore Competition