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The department aims to develop students’ numeracy, reasoning, thinking skills and problem-solving skills so that they can achieve a level of mastery of mathematics that will serve them well in their lives.

Pedagogical Approaches
As the learning of mathematics focuses on understanding, not just recall of facts or reproduction of procedures. Understanding is necessary for deep learning and mastery. Hence, GDPS adopted the C-P-A (Concrete-Pictorial- Approach) for the teaching of mathematics.

Key Programmes

a) Activity-based lessons (P1 – P6)

The department believes that mathematics concepts are best learnt through a variety of learning experiences and putting them into meaningful real-life context. Manipulatives, ICT tools or real-life situations are used to explore and uncover abstract mathematical concepts, construct meanings and understandings. 



b) Mathematics Competitions

To generate greater interest in Mathematics and further develop problem-solving skills, the Mathematics department sends our pupils to participate in Mathematics competitions.

In 2018, nine of our pupils participated in the National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMO∑).The National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore (NMO∑) is an annual national competition organized by the NUS High School of Mathematics and Science since 2006. This competition, which is open to Primary Five students in all primary schools in Singapore involves two rounds: the Preliminary Round and the Special Round.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the following students on their achievement:

Kee Chengxi, Tomas

5F (2019)


Elsward Chen Yu Jun

5F (2019)


Sean Ulric Buduina Chua

5F (2019)

Honourable Mention

Lee Min Xue Rein

5F (2019)

Honourable Mention

Koshik Basak

5C (2019)

Honourable Mention

Dave Lee Zheng Feng

5C (2019)

Honourable Mention

Math in Everyday Life

To ignite the joy of learning mathematics in GDPS, various activities happen at different times of the year.



Fun Friday

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Jul & Aug

Maximus Mind

Term 1-3

Math Explorer

June holidays

Math Fiesta

Post SA1

Post Exam Activities

Post SA2

Math Investigative Tasks (P4-P6)

In Curriculum

Math Trail (P1-P2)

In Curriculum

Performance Tasks (P1-P4)

In Curriculum

  • Fun Fridays
Fun Friday 01.jpgFun Friday 02.jpg

Various games during recess.

  • Maximus Mind
Maximum Mind 01.jpegMaximum Mind 02.jpeg

Students discussing about the questions on the pillar.

  • Maths Fiesta (Post SA1)
Math Fiesta 01.JPGMath Fiesta 02.jpg

Station on completing the pattern.                                              Station on Sudoku.

  • Post Exam Activities (Post SA2)
Post Exam 01.JPGPost Exam 02.jpeg

Tangram Challenge.                                                                 Building Solids Challange.