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The department aims to develop students’ numeracy, reasoning, thinking skills and problem-solving skills so that they can achieve a level of mastery of mathematics that will serve them well in their lives.

Pedagogical Approaches
As the learning of mathematics focuses on understanding, not just recall of facts or reproduction of procedures. Understanding is necessary for deep learning and mastery. Hence, GDPS adopted the C-P-A (Concrete-Pictorial- Approach) for the teaching of mathematics.

Key Programmes

a) Learning Activities in Lessons*

The department believes that mathematics concepts are best learnt through a variety of learning experiences and putting them into meaningful real-life context. Manipulatives, ICT tools or real-life situations are used to explore and uncover abstract mathematical concepts, construct meanings and understandings.

b) Maths In Everyday life

To ignite the joy of learning mathematics in GDPS, various activities happen at different times of the year.

  • Fun Fridays

To encourage our pupils to learn through play, we have introduced various games to them during recess  on Fridays. This initiative started in 2019 and was popular among numerous Greendalites. The  games were carefully selected to cater to pupils  of different age groups. Pupils enjoyed the challenges and the chance to spar with their  friends and teachers. The Fun Friday program has also helped to expose pupils to various mathematical concepts and engage them with higher order thinking. Games include Uno, International Chess, Reversi, Halli Gali, Rubiks Cube and Brain Teasers only to name a few, which will be rotated on a termly basis.

  • Maximus Mind

Maximus Mind is a Maths quiz catered to pupils in different levels at different times of the year. It aims to sharpen our pupils’ thinking process and to make connections to what they have learnt in mathematics curriculum through non-routine Maths questions. This learning opportunity helps to build their thinking skills which in turn improves their attitudes, skills and knowledge towards Mathematics.

  • Code For Fun

Code for Fun (CFF) is a 10-hour Enrichment Programme (offered jointly by IMDA and MOE) is offered to all P6s as a post PSLE activity. This programme includes learning of computational thinking concepts using visual-based programming language, combining it with robotic kits and/or microcontrollers to create an engaging coding experience for the students. CFF facilitates the exposure of a large base of students to coding and computational thinking and helps to build an entire generation of workforce inculcated with basic coding and computational thinking skills. In short, CFF is designed to excite our students on new opportunities in the digital economy in order to develop an appreciation for core computational thinking and coding concepts.

*Disclaimer: All photos of pupils without masks are taken prior to the Circuit Breaker period.