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Philosophy (Learning Outcomes)

In line with MOE Tamil Curriculum, Greendale Tamil department aims to mould our students into confident individuals who are adequately skilled in the six language skills that consist of listening, speaking, spoken interaction, reading, writing and written interaction.

The Tamil department cultivates the love for the Tamil language and culture in our students through our learning journeys, departmental activities and also Mother Tongue Fortnight programmes. We believe in laying the foundation for Tamil students to be proud users of the language and to carry the cultural values imparted to them throughout their life.

Pedagogical Approaches

Key Programmes

In GDPS, the lower primary students are exposed to Multiple Intelligence(MI) strategies when learning letters. For example, students use modelling clay to mould letters, have out-of-classroom experiences to relate to words learnt.  Students also learn and recall words through gestures and actions. They are introduced to mindmaps to understand the blending of letters. The MI strategies that cater to using multiple modalities, enable students to retain and apply Tamil vocabulary better.

For our middle primary students, Annotation Strategy is specifically taught for Comprehension and Cloze passages. We also use the progressive writing package with mindmaps and constructive feedback to aid middle and upper primary students to make an easy progression to writing of composition. To enhance the love and interest in Tamil language, teachers employ ICT through SLS portal and other platforms to reinforce the learning of content.