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Physical and Health Education

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Physical Education

Physical Education (PE) in Greendale Primary School aims to nurture holistic, healthy and fit students who are equipped with fundamental motor and games skills, knowledge, attitudes and values to enjoy a lifetime of active and healthy living individually and with others. The PE curriculum, spans across seven learning areas, namely Athletics, Dance, Games and Sports, Gymnastics, Outdoor Education, Physical Health and Fitness and Swimming (Primary 3 Swimsafer Enrichment).

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For effective delivery of our PE programme, we take reference from the 21st Century Framework in the explicit teaching of values, social emotional competencies and soft skills required to thrive in a fast-changing and connected world. We apply Body, Space, Effort and Relationships (BSER) Framework in the teaching of fundamental movement skills and concepts, as well as Games Concept Approach (GCA) for the teaching of Sports and Games skills and concepts.

We have planned a series of key events and learning experiences to allow our students to acquire movement competencies as well as to have the opportunity to have regular participation in physical activities.

Key Events
Run Your Own Race
Run Your Own Race.jpg
P3 Sports Carnival
P3 Sports Carnival.jpg
P4 Adventure Camp
P5 Sports Carnival (Hoop Ball)
P5 Sports Carnival (Hoop Ball).jpg
Lower Primary Games Day
Lower Primary Games Day.jpg
P6 Sports Carnival (Floorball)
P6 Sports Carnival (Floorball).jpg
Sports Education Programmes
P1 Wushu.jpgP1 Wushu
P2 Archery.jpgP2 Archery
P6 Kinball.jpgP6 Kinball
 3.pngP4 Fencing 

Health Education

Through Health Education, we aim to help students understand the importance of being physically active, practise good health and safety habits, and maintain a balanced diet in their pursuit of an active and healthy lifestyle. For example, we teach the latest ‘Healthy Plate’ model as recommended by Health Promotion Board (HPB), which replaces the Food Pyramid that was previously advocated.

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Some key initiatives include:
  • Unstructured play during recess
  • Active Health Programme
    √    Obesity/Underweight reduction
        BMI monitoring
        External activities: ActiveSG
  • Healthy Meals in School Programme (HMSP)
  • School Health Service & Screening
  • Dental Health Programme
Overview of Greendale Primary School’s Health Education Programme

Category Activity
Oral Health
Oral Health Promotion Programme
P1, 3 and 5 pupils
Health Habits and Practices
Drink Water Campaign
P1 to 6 pupils
Mental Wellness
Roving Carnival
P1 to 3 pupils
Mental Wellness
Anti-Smoking Assembly Show
P4 to 6 pupils
Stay Healthy with Smarter Food Choices
P1 to 4 pupils
Sports and Fitness
Sports Clinic during Recess
All pupils
Health Habits and Practices
Eye Health Talk
All pupils

Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

PAL is an integral part of the curriculum for Primary One and Two students in our school.  It offers learning experiences that are active, hands-on and meaningful.  More importantly, PAL contributes to the development of soft skills in our students such as the ability to communicate clearly and cooperate with others, having a lively curiosity about the world they live in and a belief in their ability to accomplish a task or deal with a challenge. Furthermore, PAL broadens the learning experiences and positively influences their future experiences. Through PAL, we aim for our students to
  • exhibit confidence in what they do and express themselves effectively
  • exhibit curiosity and positive attitudes to learn
  • enjoy group experiences and teamwork

The domains for students’ experiential learning are as follow:

Primary 1
  • Sports and Games
  • Dance
  • Visual Arts
Primary 2
  • Outdoor Education
  • Drama
  • Visual Arts

PAL (1).jpg

PAL Visual Art

PAL (2).jpg